One Sky Aviation. by KENDRURY » Fri Jan 06, 2006 5:36 pm . Sweet! AK. Web address. The reinforcement kit is an integral part of the installation procedure of a WING-X STOL kit. is the leading registry for planes, jets, and helicopters. It took about a year and a half for the ACO to finally get back with a change requirement, then another few months to approve the change made. This will cost about $30,000 or more. I am looking for feedback on the Sportsman Stol Kit for performance and on installation. The slow landing performance is not your main concern but safety is. alaskan9974. 907 248-6161. . Member. Short of that, the only way is to reduce the cost of fuel. Download R/STOL Brochure – PDF. Any one with suggestions before I start making cold calls here in town. I specifically said "initial cost" which I meant as the cost of the parts. You'd also have to paint the cuff to match the rest of the wing. Sportsman Stol Kit. Eric. What kind of price tag does the Sportsman STOL kit come with,as opposed to the VG's? The locking tailwheel is beefed up for extreme rough-field operations with its own pneumatic shock absorber. My PMI said a few years back, he would've signed it off on the spot for me, but now it had to go to the ACO. I believe Micro VG's are STC'd for 170 A&B,is that right? Add to Compare. CESSNA AIRCAFT PARTS " Better Performance" Sportsman STOL Leading Edge and Wing Tip Kit. "Two's up" 2. I can try to find my paperwork and scan it in if that would be helpful. These installation facilities have requested their names be added to this list. I specifically said "initial cost" which I meant as the cost of the parts. I am surprised at your statement. wsuffa , Apr 24, 2008 #10 I looked at the Horton kit which sells for $1200. The Sportsman STOL kit was installed on Fish and Game’s 1979 Cessna 185. Thanks for the info! Knots 2U manufactures and sells a wide variety of parts for your Cessna. that are available out there.I've received numerous comments on all kits during hanger talk and their positive or negative aspects including installation, price, and performance. It does include the wing tips and also includes fences. The "Best Performance Enhancement" you can do to your Cessna. 08-21-2020, 11:18. Makes the plane controllable and comfortable at those speeds where you will need to be to get stopped. A STOL kit will lower top and cruising speeds slightly; my 182 was a 1962 which was before Cessna adapted the modified drooped leading edge (which came from a STOL kit). The Robertson STOL (Sierra Industries) good but twice the installation cost of the Sportsman. Hundreds of pilots who fly through small and metropolitan airports every day are using R/STOL’s enhanced performance to gain extra time, avoid delays, reduce aircraft wear and tear and cut operating costs. The A-frame landing gear is based on the Pilatus Porter, and the mechanical leading-edge slats are reminiscent of the Helio Courier—as are the 40-degree Fowler flaps. This list is for information purposes only. The kit consists of a glove that fits over the wings leading edge, extending approximately two inches forward from the original wing, and further drooping the leading edge. Frequently asked questions Installation and performance questions answered. What flavor of VG's are comparable in cost to acquire and install? Add to Wishlist. The new installation costs for a GPS IFR system with something like a 430W and a backup NavCom, with no autopilot are likely to be around $25,000 (e.g. Technical Support Obtain technical support for your WING-X STOL. Sportsman STOL install 08-21-2020, 06:11. I am surprised at your statement. After all the mods the stall had a very sharp break. Unless you're going to be awesome in the plane, and regularly using short runways, the R STOL may be more expense and weight than you can justify, and the Horton or Sportsman adequate for you. Find N216SB 2004 CESSNA TURBO 206H STATIONAIR on We needed an aircraft that would perform on floats or wheel skis’ through normal 15 to 20 degree banked turns. CESSNA AIRCAFT PARTS " Better Performance" Sportsman STOL Leading Edge and Wing Tip Kit. Jun 7st, 2015 Aircraft Charter World Aircraft Charter World's resource site with information on commercial aircraft available for charter and basic data on over 13.000 airports worldwide. The Sportsman STOL increasing the wing area claims to do a lot more. Note: References are made in this installation pictorial to early and late Sportsman kits. Choose Options. Installation Facilities. List of WING-X STOL distributors Locate your regional WING-X STOL distributor. Owners of R/STOL-equipped aircraft enjoy the increased flexibility it affords – whether on short runways or international airports. Dave is correct, in my opinion. Looks like I'll be visiting ya BigRenna soon for the Sportsman install Eyeballing a 172G with low TT and 950 hour till TBO on a 0-300. figure the cost benefit on the Sportsman install vs an 0360 STC is a no brainer. 907 245-1759 . _____ N. X. Both the Experimental Aircraft Association and Petersen Aviation in Minden, Nebraska, sell auto fuel STCs for $1 per horsepower. DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER ON THE VIDEO AS D & T AIRCRAFT … If you are not comfortable flying more slowly than 50 knots, and you don't bank more than 45 degrees, you probably will not notice the difference in the 'plane, other than the cost! View photos, ownership, registration history, and more. Sportsman STOL is a 40 hour installation. The following suite of pictures are intended to assist installers who are installing the Sportsman STOL modification on their Cessna aircraft. The "Best Performance Enhancement" you can do to … On an older Cessna, it makes a lot less sense to install glass panels, so the avionics costs on older aircraft is also likely to be much less. Phone. Remember one thing, money spent on Mods is very seldom recovered when you sell. All is effective but noticed the biggest after the cuffs. thanks Tags: None. State. How about BLR VG's? Obtaining a partner in the airplane is one way. From what I have read on this site, they are not as effective as the Sportsman and costs about the same to install. Leightonzook Rank 1 Posts: 19 Joined: Fri Feb 14, 2014 7:15 am Location: Northern Ontario. The installation is the larger cost by far. AVANT aircraft airplane. The airplane already does 90% of anything a STOL kit can do with no additional cost at all. New Products. Can't tell you about the combo of STOL and VG's but I Had a C-170 and installed the Horton with stall fences, aileron gap seals and cuffs in that order, flew it after every install phase. Join Date: Apr 2009; Posts: 125; Share Tweet #2. The kit also has aileron gap seals, and recommends not using flap gap seals with this kit. (20-STOL-25C) $2,350.00. This design and reinforcement is not approved to be sold separately.The WING-X STOL installation must be completed by an approved shop and preferably done by a person with sheet metal and riveting experience. What was the installed cost for this leading edge conversion? It was about $1500, plus install costs (not too much as I had it done at annual and the A&P had done another plane like mine previously - no learning curve). The job must also be followed up with proper forms and documentation such as form … AK. List of WING-X STOL installers See where you can get your WING-X STOL installed. The Katmai is an aftermarket modification that increases the aircraft’s STOL (short take-off and landing) capabilities. The Horton STOL Conversion will give the advantage of taking-off and landing at a slower speed, the ability to get out of grass strips easier, obtain better performance at high altitudes, with better aileron control at low speeds, reduce the tendency to spin and reduce the stall speed. Knots 2U’s selection of parts for Cessna 172 and 175 models. n3410c wrote:Are there members out there who can comment on past experiences(any aircraft type) with different STOL kits (Horton, Robertson, Sportsman, etc.) I installed a sportsman STOL kit on my 170a model in 2013. Some friends of mine have gone as far as combining a Sportsman cuff with the Robertson STOL (Sierra Industries) drooped aileron system for the ultimate STOL capability! The Sportsman shows its performance best at airspeeds of 70 down to 45 mph. On an early 180-185 the Horton at @ $799.00 or $1399.00 factory installed would be the biggest change for the least money. Find and compare fractional aircraft and jet ownership based on cost, cabin size, speed, pricing and other factors. Not to get down on the Sportsman STOL as I would do it if I had the $. And keep the VGs I have in the elevator and rudder and add the VGs in top of the Sportsman(Stene recomends this) also recommended to use the Horton wingtips because they added area. Anchorage. Here's a copy of part of a post I posted in response to a question about STOL kit's for … Top. See our selection of parts and give us a call. Practice. With added horsepower (260 hp and about 300 hp with the King Katmai), the Katmai is an awesome machine. What flavor of VG's are comparable in cost to acquire and install? Floats Alaska. The STOL kit is a NOTE: THERE ARE 6 VIDEOS OF THE SPORTSMAN STOL INSTALLATION, THEY ARE INFORMATIONAL ONLY, PROVIDED TO ME DURING MY INSTALLATION ON MY AIRCRAFT. "Our main use is on floats in the summer," Pearse said. The SuperSTOL borrows heavily from two of the most well-known STOL aircraft in aviation history. City. Reviewed on . "We do a lot of low level tracking of radio tagged animals and fish. "I'll take the fat one" Top. I would venture to guess that installation of a STOL leading edge cuff would be more involved,and therefore more expensive,than the VG's. "You're on fire" 3. I’m in fbks and looking for sportsman stol installed on a 170B. by alaskan99669 » Sat Jan 07, 2006 11:08 am . The third most desired information is related to reducing the direct operating costs. Mine has Horton and Vgs, I have the opportunity to sell the Horton, and install the Sportsman for a low labor fee. Sportsman STOL is a 40 hour installation. AK. FAA-PMA-STC : STC # SA4302WE, STC # SA4303WE. They'll cost you a bit of speed, but amazing gains in low speed handling, reduced stall speed, and increased lift. The Sportsman STOL wing cuff is a state of the art modification designed to increase light plane utility and safety by increasing the wings efficiency and resistance to stalls and spins. Complete High Lift Sportsman STOL leading edge kit ... mod you can do to a single engine Cessna. Gulf Coast Garmin package 19, for $20K plus another $5K for a Navcom and CDI with ILS). Without giving a stall indication at observation speeds." Facility. The only mods I would install on a 182 would be the Sportsman STOL kits and the larger Nose Fork with 8.50 tire and 29 inch bushwheels to save your prop. KENDRURY Posts: 13 Joined: Fri Dec 17, 2004 12:52 am Location: Hornepayne,Ontario,Canada P0M 1Z0. The Wing X starts to shine at 75 up to 100. Anchorage. Knots 2U does not endorse or have any association or relationship with them. I had one installed on my 170b last month in FAI for $2k I think, might've been $2.5k. I also had a fair amount of time on a newer 182 (a CAP plane) that had the drooped leading edge. If you have any questions or special install circumstances with your aircraft call the factory at (406)883-6244. ----- ADS ----- The only three things a wingman should ever say: 1.